Hot men and balloons! Smooth, hairless, young men; stong, muscular studs, and everything in between. Every one of them enjoying themselves with large, latex balloons. Inflation, riding, popping and squeezing. You'll find everything you're looking for right here.

Brad is one of our favorite balloon fetish guys. He really enjoyed the sensation of latex pressing against his smooth, hairless chest. His studly good looks, combined with that youthful charm make us go YUM!
College Student

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Diego is one of the best looking balloon busting men around. He's a personal trainer by day, and indulges the private fantasies of local guys by night. When introduced to balloons, he was intrigued, and now practices his balloon work as an artform. It's getting hot in here!
Personal Trainer

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Sam is a young bi man who is looking for balloon sex partners. Gently assertive, Sam likes a slightly submissive partner. Of course, an underinflated airship is just perfect for his needs - the soft latex yielding to him everytime.