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Carson is our fav balloon man (this week anyway ;-) We instantly took a liking to him, and THEN we noticed those wicked eyes, devilish smile & chiseled frame. This advertising exec is a total ham, who was happy to oblige our photo shoot requests. Carson was comfortable with balloons right from the start- making us think that maybe he's done this before. Hmmmmm

Advertising Exec

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Showing that balloon-buddies balloon who's boss; with a heaving chest Dave inflates it ruthlessly. It strains under the pressure of his abuse, and eventually succumbs to his will. We dont blame the balloon at all! Dave is one of those guys who we simply can't take our eyes off of. Fit, attractive and wearing glasses- need we say more?
Company VP

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It's probably safe to say that Marcello is the coolest balloon guy we've ever met. In typical bad boy rockstar fashion, Marcello is a lusty pirate who oozes sexual tension. Strong, agressive and self assured, we can't help but be drawn to him. Watching him manhandle that lovely latex was the most exquisite, prolonged foreplay the world has ever known.


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